Care to Dance?

Social Media has transformed
marketing into a creative partnership.

LiBeck choreographs winning Social Media Marketing Strategies, integrated with Search Marketing, Link-Building, Mobile Marketing
along with Reputation Management & Online PR

Actionable Insights

LiBeck IM's research goes beyond
simply identifying keywords. Want
success?Know thy audience.

Where is your audience, what are
they talking about and what Social
Media platforms are they using?

Quality vs. Quantity

Trust LiBeck IM to see through what
is traffic junk versus true engagement.
Measuring one thing gives no frame
of reference.

Integrated marketing consolidates
information, clarifying the meaning of

Strategy Turns Us On

We know marketing, and showing
clients how powerful they are is one
of our very favorite things.

Hire LiBeck Integrated Marketing to
manage your integrated marketing
efforts, efficiently, cohesively and

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LiBeck = Integrated Marketing + Thought Leadership

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Fotolia 26346444 XS 300x225 LiBeck = Integrated Marketing + Thought LeadershipMarketing has evolved and creating successful Integrated Marketing Strategies empowers us to do even greater things. We don’t look at marketing in the traditional fashion of print, TV, radio and internet separately, we concentrate on integrating these channels.

At LiBeck Integrated Marketing we believe that strong and successful integrated marketing plans should be rooted in a deep foundation of audience research. Rather than shooting buckshot into the air with random messages hoping to reach just a portion of your audience, we work to develop and implement marketing strategies that have our clients engaging with their target market or demographic efficiently. Our research doesn’t just count the number of mentions, or guess at whether our clients are like, we come deliver solid and substantiated research to back up the marketing tactics we recommend our clients implement within their marketing strategies.

Fotolia 1369387 XS LiBeck = Integrated Marketing + Thought LeadershipOur expertise doesn’t stop there either. Along with developing kick butt strategies, we specialize in measuring the performance of each tactic that is implemented as well as training staff members on the correct ways to engage and implement marketing tactics across the internet. From identifying the influencers, to engaging evangelists or upset customers we customize our training and our analytical reporting to each individual client.

Understanding how all these marketing channels work together is key to creating the efficient and successful strategies we develop for our clients. We understand both the offline world of marketing and advertising to the online world where tactics can be more finely measured. From keeping your messaging consistent throughout your channels to ensuring your key channels are informed of all tactics, we work with our clients to blend together their resources for effiency and to keep them from siloing their efforts which wastes valuable time, resources and money.